Deals at Burnside McPhee

Quality frame range

All the frames in this range cost from £65.00 to £115.00, including single vision lenses.

They include our core range, frames we have obtained at a discount from various suppliers and frames which we or our suppliers have discontinued: this can mean savings of up to £120.00!

We have now extended this range to include the all new Oscar & Fitch,Bench and Smith frames. They come complete with lenses for only £95.00.

Rimless spectacles

Our rimless spectacles by Vitamoro, Loegik and Oscar & Fitch have many different lens shapes, sides, and colours.

Here’s the really good part; as they are made to order, they can be combined in any way, giving hundreds of possible combinations.

But it gets even better:) – single vision 1.6 index MAR lenses are included, they are lighter and thinner. The complete cost of these spectacles is £165.00. Varifocals start at £195.00


We have an all year promotion on sunglasses. We have a range of sunspecs complete with standard single vision lenses costing £60.00. We can supply any full tint; light, mid or dark.

There are many upgrades available, eg designer frames, bifocals, graduated tints, photochromatic lenses, etc.

Varifocals start at £125.00 complete.

Contact lenses

Initial contact lens trials are free, see our contact lens page for more complete information.


Spend up to £100.00 on specs or contact lenses and we will discount any additional spectacles purchased within a year from £40.00 including basic lenses. Designer frames and lenses upgrades subject to 20% discount.

NHS Spectacles at Burnside McPhee

For our patients entitled to a voucher towards their spectacles (this includes children and under 19’s in full – time education), we have a range of free spectacles. We also have our voucher+ range. For an additional £15.00, £25.00 or £35.00 you can upgrade your frames to those from our budget core range.

We have 700 different frames in stock, so there is something for you!