Spectacle lenses

All our spectacle lenses are made to order to ensure that each individual patient gets the best bespoke solution for their needs. Of course we don’t make specs in an hour – we would rather leave that to the big chains. We prefer to use one of our specialist glazing workshops to produce the best job possible.

We check every completed pair of spectacles to make sure that not only is the prescription absolutely correct, but also that the quality of the finished spectacles is as good as possible. We will reject them if they do not reach our high standards.

Multifocal lenses

There are at least sixty different types of varifocals available in the UK. How do we decide which ones to use? The first thing is to dismiss the poorer (not necessarily cheaper) versions. The next thing is to carefully assess the wearing and visual requirements of each individual patient and then discuss the best option – there are usually a few.

We have an extremely high success rate for finding the right solution, but if for any reason our patients do not like varifocals we will look at other options.

Although many more people are wearing varifocal lenses, there is still a place for bifocals. For example, you may require a large reading area or not be comfortable with varifocals. If this is the case, we will help you find bifocals that are most suitable for your needs.

Higher index lenses

“What’s all this gobbledegook about high index, mid index whatever index lenses?” You may well ask. Simply put, the higher the index of the lens, the thinner it becomes whether glass or plastic. “So I should always get the highest index lens possible?” Er, no, not necessarily, they have inherent optical compromises. There are other, perhaps less expensive, ways to make lenses thinner and lighter, eg aspheric lenses, surfaced lenses etc.

The best lens for any spectacle is determined not only by the individual eye prescription, but the by frame and its likely use. At Burnside McPhee you will always get the the most appropriate advice for your individual needs. It costs nothing to come in for a wee chat, and have no doubt, there is no hard sell in our practices.

All year sunglass offer from Burnside McPhee

Sunglasses are not just for summer on sunny holiday beaches or posing, they are essential for other things like ski-ing or even driving in Scotland in winter. Low winter sun is at best uncomfortable and at worst dangerous. We can supply complete prescription sunglasses including single vision lenses from £95.00. There are various upgrades available. Varifocal sunspecs start at £135.00.