• Allan S McPhee: BSc FCOptom. Dip.Tp (IP). Prof Cert. Glauc.
  • David McPhee BSc (hons) MCOptom. Dip.Tp (IP).

Allan has been IP qualified since 2012, David since 2020 and are both GOC registered. This means that we are able to diagnose, manage and treat anterior eye problems, prescribing as required.

About us

Burnside McPhee Opticians was established in Battlefield in May 1987. This was followed by the opening of our Clarkston branch in December 1988.

From the outset, we decided to put quality first in all aspects of the business. This is the reason we invested in the most advanced eye testing equipment available. We have continually upgraded ever since, and will always do so.

The question we always ask ourselves when faced with the range of options available for our patients is “What would I do for myself, given all the possibilities?” This allows us to be completly honest about the best solution(s) available.

Burnside McPhee was founded by partners John Burnside and Allan McPhee. Although we are quite different personalities, we have managed to create and develop a successful business and still remain friends after more than a quarter of a century; better than some marriages!

David McPhee joined the business in 2017.  He splits his time between ourselves and the hospital eye service where he has worked in various clinical settings.  He currently works in the glaucoma clinic at the Queen Elizabeth hospital.

As of May 2023, John Burnside has retired from the partnership.  Clarkston has been acquired by Urquhart Opticians, but Battlefield shall continue as a fully independant optometry partnership with David and Allan…..hopefully for a long time!